About CCL

Growing disciples for mission.

“At the heart of Christian Mission is the enabling of disciples to live out their faith in the context of the whole of their lives and encouraging them to discover their own gifts, vocation and way of expressing and sharing in God’s love for the world.” – Steven Croft

Cumbria Christian Learning serves the Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed churches and the Salvation Army in Cumbria as they work together towards the goals of the God For All strategy. CCL brings together historic expertise and resources from the Ministry and Training department of Carlisle diocese and from the Lancashire and Cumbria Theological Partnership, which has historically provided ordination and reader training to North Lancashire and Cumbria. CCL is more than a merger of these two entities – it is a re-imagination of them to create something that is significantly different in style, ethos and intention. CCL builds upon solid foundations of good practice and much experience, but has been shaped for a changing context, with a view to future plans and trends. We find ourselves at the leading edge of change in the wider field of theological education, and this offers exciting possibilities for developing new approaches and provision.

God For All is at its heart about mission and evangelisation and the development of Christian people as all-life disciples. It is founded upon two key themes, growing disciples and growing together, and draws together three linked strategies for Outreach, Ministry and Buildings. Within the broad remit of God For All, Cumbria Christian Learning works towards the particular goals

for Outreach:

By 2020 every person in Cumbria of all ages and backgrounds will have had an opportunity to discover more of God and God’s purpose for their lives, so that they will discover more of Jesus and the Good News and become followers of Jesus within a Christian community;

and Ministry:

We want to do Church better and enable all Christians to discover their vocation and ministry as a disciple of Jesus Christ. We want churches that are missional, sustainable and enable the ministry of many.

In particular, CCL will support the formation of mission communities across Cumbria. These local partnerships between congregations across the partner denominations will engage in mission, make and nurture disciples, develop appropriate patterns of ministry, and utilise their buildings in ways which best serve their strategic goals. CCL will support this process by helping to enrich opportunities for learning in discipleship; helping disciples to discern God’s calling on their lives to service within and beyond the church; offering initial training to ordained and lay ministers; and supporting ministers in their continuing development and lifelong learning.

For more information on God For All, please follow this link: http://www.godforall.org.uk

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