Complaints Policy and Procedure

If you have a comment or complaint about Cumbria Christian Learning, or the content of these webpages, you can contact us in the first instance at admin@cumbriachristianlearning.org.uk or contact CCL Director Revd Dr Roger Latham at roger.latham@cumbriachristianlearning.org.uk.

We take your views seriously, and we hope that most complaints can be settled informally.

To make a formal complaint against a member of Church of England clergy, details of the relevant policy can be found at: www.churchofengland.org/about-us/structure/churchlawlegis/clergydiscipline/cdmprocess.aspx.

Cumbria Christian Learning make every effort to ensure that information displayed on this website is correct and accurate. To report a mistake or a broken link, please contact us at admin@cumbriachristianlearning.org.uk.