Continuing Ministerial Education for Anglican Clergy

Lifelong Learning

Ordained ministry is part of, and enables, the ministry of the whole people of God. Clergy CMD is part of the Diocesan strategy for Ministry in line with God For All. CMD is a lifelong process and those who hold the Bishop’s licence have a particular responsibility to equip and re-equip themselves for ministry by appropriate education and training. The Diocese supports them in a number of ways through the clergy CMD budget and programmes provided by CCL.

Individual Training Opportunities

Notices or invitations to training events will sometimes be sent to individuals or ‘target’ groups. The initiative for undertaking most training however rests with the individual, and the CMD Officer is available to discuss personal training needs or plans. There is a wide range of opportunities. A digest of some forthcoming events is published regularly in the Diocesan E-news bulletin, and in the Calendar section of this website.

Personal CME Grants

After curacy, everyone who holds the Bishop’s Licence as an ordained minister – stipendiary or self-supporting – is credited with a CMD allowance (currently £110 p.a) in each calendar year, for ministerial education or training. Application should be made to the CMD Officer whose approval should be sought before committing expenditure.

Unclaimed annual allowances may be accumulated for up to three years. If unspent at the end of three years the allowance is lost. With the agreement of the Adviser up to 25% of the grant may be used for books as part of a course or planned study programme. Grants are not normally used for validated study, but can be used to fund non-validated participation in modules offered by the IME team of CCL.

Diocesan Conferences & Clergy Days

Every year the Diocesan Bishop invites all serving clergy to a day on a current aspect of ministry. Every three years on a rolling basis each member of the clergy is invited by the Bishop to a 24 hour residential meeting.

Continuing Support and Development in Ministry

In addition to diocesan requirements and programmes each of us needs to develop his/her own systems for personal well-being and growth in ministry. As well as disciplines of regular prayer and study, clergy can benefit from the ministry of others as work consultants, mentors, soul friends or spiritual directors, or from membership of cell groups or other support networks. The CMD Officer can help with the setting up of such relationships, if requested.


Consultations and training are provided (and in some cases are a requirement) for those at various points of transition or new responsibility in ministry. Currently these may include: Introduction to the Diocese, First Incumbency, Change of Responsibility, Training Incumbency, Rural Dean, Pre-Retirement.


It is expected that clergy will take at least an annual retreat. The form and pattern of the retreat will vary but during a year full-time clergy should set aside the best part of a week for this activity. This will not be considered as leave. In accordance with the Parochial Expenses of the Clergy 2006 guide, PCCs should be prepared to meet the cost of any bona fide fees and expenses. The Bishop’s Spirituality Advisor will be glad to advise on possible venues or formats for retreats.


Stipendiary clergy are entitled to apply for sabbatical leave. The maximum length of a sabbatical is three months, but there can be flexibility in the way sabbatical leave is taken, depending upon circumstances. Applicants for sabbatical leave should normally have not less than:

  • Eight years in post of responsibility.
  • Three years in current post.
  • Seven years since a previous Sabbatical.
  • Three years before retirement age.

A limited number of sabbatical grants are available each year. Initial application should be made to the CMD Officer, after discussion with the Rural Dean and Archdeacon or appropriate line manager. Priority is given to requests which arise directly from the process of Ministerial Review.

To download a copy of the Diocesan sabbaticals policy and application form, click [here].