Supporting Your Ministry


Christian Ministry in Cumbria today is both exciting and challenging. Our churches minister to a great diversity of communities and contexts, and in many different ways. Christian ministers of all kinds report that they work hard, but also that they find deep satisfaction and reward in what they do. The God For All process involves a significant change in patterns of ministry within Cumbria, and in the kinds of roles ministers will undertake. As well as offering initial ministerial education which will form ministers for these new patterns and roles, CCL is committed to supporting existing ministers in the transition to new ways of working.

CCL and our partners offer a variety of learning opportunities which can be used to support CMD. These are publicised through our calendar. Many of the learning opportunities in other areas of this site can also support CMD outcomes.

In particular, ministers who want to update their theological learning are encouraged to explore the modules offered through Initial Ministerial Education (IME) – most of these are open modules which can be taken at a range of levels.