A Christian Presence in Every Community

God is for all and Church is by all. As part of our God for All vision, we are committed to providing opportunities for every Christian to grow as a disciple, discover their calling and to be equipped, enabled and empowered to minister. Most of our ministry happens in our local communities, in our families and in our work places. We are also committed to ensuring a gathered Christian presence in every community. We believe that every member has a valued part to play in their local faith community’s life and ministry.

In Cumbria we are forming ecumenical Mission Communities; groups of faith communities that will seek to be intentional in mission and evangelism.

The development of Mission Communities will enable churches and Christians to encourage and support the growth of disciples, providing mutually supportive networks across the county.

Mission Communities will:

  • Be missional and outward looking
  • Be collaborative and supportive
  • Share gifts, skills and resources
  • Include Fresh Expressions of Church alongside the traditional.

The Mission Communities Archways document lays out in detail the three distinct phases which will lead to that point. Again there is no defined time scale against each. There’s a recognition that this process involves significant change and that needs to be worked through and considered carefully.

In order to support the development of Mission Communities, and to enable and equip every member to engage in their ministry, CCL have a range of resources that can support learning around welcome and hospitality, pastoral care, leading worship, mission and outreach.

We also provide access to learning opportunities offered by partners such as Churches Together in Cumbria’s “Growing Through Conflict” days, “Becoming a Dementia Friendly Church”, and “Imagine Church” days run by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.