Learning and growing in faith is central to our lifelong journey as followers of Jesus. We are developing and can provide access to a whole range of learning opportunities that support and deepen discipleship. These opportunities can be used by Mission Communities or individual faith communities as we seek to learn and grow together as disciples.
At Church House we have a range of resources that are available to be used to support Discipleship. Amongst others we have copies of the following:

Emmaus: This material is designed to be used following on from Emmaus Stage 1 and 2. We have the following supplementary material:

Emmaus Stage 3: Growth: Knowing God, Christian Lifestyle, Growing as a Christian

Footsteps: A collection of Discipleship courses written for Carlisle Diocese.

Discovering Faith matters: See Exploring Faith Section for more details.

Your Shape for God’s Service: A six session course to support people in discovering their gifts and how they can use them in God’s service.

Pilgrim: A Course for the Christian Journey.

Contact: admin@cumbriachristianlearning.org.uk for a full list of resources.

For information about other courses including reviews, please follow the links to:

Link to http://www.disciplekit.org/
Link to https://discipleshiptrove.com