The healing ministry is one of the greatest opportunities the Church has today for sharing the gospel – “Time to Heal”

Developing Healing Ministry in Cumbria is undertaken in partnership with Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed churches and supports the God for All vision: “by 2020 every person in Cumbria of all ages and backgrounds will have had an opportunity to discover more of God and God’s purpose for their lives, so that they will discover more of Jesus and the Good News and become followers of Jesus within a Christian community.”

Healing and wholeness are at the heart of the good news we are seeking to share with the people of Cumbria. The aim of the Developing Healing Ministry initiative is to equip Christ’s followers to bring restoration and wholeness to people’s lives and to minister to their spiritual and physical needs. Healing is not just about physical healing but also about healing of the relationship with God, and relationships between individuals, families and communities. It includes bringing healing to people’s emotional lives and past hurts. It brings health and wholeness to body, soul and spirit.

Through the various training events offered we seek to enable people to develop:

  • Their understanding of the nature of healing through exploring the Bible’s teaching and the life and ministry of Jesus
  • Their confidence in the God (Father, Son and Spirit) who heals and his willingness to bring health and healing into our lives
  • Their awareness of the different ways in which God heals
  • Their practical skills in ministering healing and wholeness in its various expressions.

This is in harmony with the vision of CCL: Growing Disciples for Mission.