Training for Ministry

Are you interested in deepening your knowledge of theology, ministry and mission? Do you feel called to Reader or Ordained ministry in the Church of England?

Alongside many other learning opportunities, we offer a range of high-quality, University-validated programmes that are particularly suited to these purposes. While these programmes have been developed with initial ministerial education and formation in mind, they are also available to anyone who simply wishes to learn more about and deepen their understanding of the Christian faith.

We are passionate about enabling you to develop your faith through growing in knowledge and understanding to your full potential. But we also believe that true knowledge and understanding must lead to action that is evident through active missionary living.

Our courses have therefore been designed to support our vision of ‘Growing Disciples for Mission’. They seek to nurture a transformative faith and spirituality, helping you grow and develop in your discipleship and ministry, while also enabling you to engage with God’s wider mission in the world.

We are deeply committed to high-quality teaching and learning, delivered primarily in small tutorial groups working with local tutors. This is increasingly complemented by online resources that are available to you at all times and wherever you live or happen to be.