What is a Local Lay Minister?

A Local Lay Minister is someone who is called by God, trained, and commissioned by the Bishop to exercise a particular ministry within their faith community. Each Local Lay Minister has a unique and specific role which brings together their gifts and the needs of their faith community. It generally involves some leadership responsibility.

Here are some examples of the different types of ministry undertaken by some of our existing Local Lay Ministers:

  • Overseeing a pastoral visiting team in the parish.
  • Developing evangelism and outreach groups
  • Leading home groups and or seeker courses
  • Being responsible for working with a particular age group (eg. Older people, young families, young people, children.)
  • Helping to lead worship
  • Pastoral involvement in baptisms and funerals.

What would the training involve?

The training and commissioning of Local Lay Ministers is expected to be a four year vocational journey. For a leaflet please contact: admin@cumbriachristianlearning.org.uk