‘How We Believe’

The modern Christian’s mission is to re-sensitise our contemporaries to the presence of a spirit within themselves… Our first task, in the realisation of our own vocation and in the expansion of the kingdom among our contemporaries, is to find our own spirit because this is our lifeline with the Spirit of God… Humanity finds its own spirit fully only in the light of the One Universal Spirit.
– Fr John Main, founder of the WCCM

Cumbria Ecumenical Spirituality Group

KNOWING GOD is the greatest adventure we can embark on. It’s a journey that we make with God through the ups and downs and, indeed, all the events and encounters of life. It’s a journey which can be enriched as it is shared with others.

The CESG Group exists to make the journey of ‘knowing God’ richer and deeper, and to offer companionship on the journey. It does this in a number of ways.

Day Events

We organise occasional day events throughout the year, with the aim of bringing people together to encourage them in their journey with God. Topics are generally drawn from the Nourishing the Soul Course (see below).

Nourishing the Soul Course

For those who want something more in-depth, we run a year-long course (one day per month). Topics include:

  • Definitions of spirituality
  • Images of God
  • Mindfulness, Psychology & Spirituality
  • Wholeness and Healing
  • Different ways of using the Bible in prayer
  • Discernment
  • Monastic & Denominational spirituality e.g. Franciscan, Carmelite, Benedictine, Wesleyan, Celtic, Ignatian, etc
  • Silence and solitude, desert and wilderness experiences
  • Contemplation and meditation
  • Creativity & Spirituality e.g. music, poetry, art
  • Creation & Spirituality

If you would like to know more about the Day Events or Nourishing the Soul then please contact:
Miss Helen Brocklehurst
Lunesdale Community
78 Beech Road


Spiritual Direction

Many people find it helpful to have a Spiritual Director (or Companion). This is someone who commits themselves to journey with another in their walk with God.
We have a list of trained Spiritual Directors, and are able to help people find the right director for them. We also offer ongoing training and support for all who work as Spiritual Directors. If you would like to find out more about finding a Spiritual Director then do contact Ruth Lee on sd.cesg@gmail.com


The local area group of the World Community for Christian Meditation supports a network of meditation groups and a programme of events and retreats in Cumbria. Christian Meditation in Cumbria seeks to strengthen and renew the practise of Silent Prayer and Meditation.

For more information about local groups and events please email Richard Broughton at cmcwccm@fastmail.fm or call 01946 862990