Mission in the World

The God for All vision seeks “By God’s grace to grow God’s kingdom in Cumbria.”

Jesus’ core message announces that the Kingdom of God is among us and he calls his followers to live as citizens of that Kingdom:

  • Proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom.
  • Responding to human need by loving service.
  • Seeking to transform unjust structures of society, challenging violence of every kind and pursuing peace and reconciliation.
  • Caring for creation.

These are four of the marks of mission identified by the Anglican Consultative Council (Mission in a Broken World, 1990).

CCL offers a range of learning opportunities to support individuals and communities in discerning what the Gospel message is in relation to some of the most pressing issues of our day, and the ways that we can get involved and be agents of transformation. You can find information about some of these in the links above.