Mission and Outreach

Mission and Outreach

We encourage everyone to access the ‘God For All’ website http://www.godforall.org.uk/ which offers a range of learning opportunities and resources to support mission and outreach.


Church House holds the following hard copy resources:

“Lost for Words”  James Lawrence & Geoff Treasure CPAS. 6-session course helping people to share their faith naturally.

 “Confident Communicator” Roy Todd .

“Calling Out” Leader’s Study Guide.  J. John.  Seven sessions on sharing your faith.

“Will you come to Church with me?” A workbook produced by The Mission Core Group Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway.

“Telling Our Faith Story” Janice Price. Practical exercises to help Christians talk about their faith.

“Telling your Story” 1 session. Photocopied outline of simple workshop materials by Elaine Jones, former Deanery Training Advisor in Carlisle Diocese.

“Beautiful Lives” Roger Morgan. A course on witness and outreach.

“Evangelism – which way now?”  Mike Booker & Mark Ireland. An evaluation of Alpha, Emmaus and Cell Church.

“Alpha or Emmaus?”  An assessment of today’s top evangelistic courses. Charles Freebury. A photocopiable resource.

“Mission Shaped Introduction.” This is a hard copy of the 6 session course designed to equip and support people who are leading or supporting Fresh Expressions of Church.

Contact admin@cumbriachristianlearning.org.uk to arrange access to these materials.



Our colleagues at LICC have produced a brand new six-part video series on the power of preaching for everyday life.

In episode 1, Antony and Neil explore the power of whole-life preaching in equipping Christians to live for God in their everyday lives. Six big questions tackled in six short videos, with discussion starters for each. Check out the first video below.

Watch the other videos in the series on the LICC website.