Discovering Faith Matters

Discovering Faith Matters

Discovering Faith Matters is a range of small group study materials that encourage you to go deeper and reflect on Scripture and daily life. There are four modules and each module consists of consists of five sessions. The modules each look at a different topic related to the Bible or a key aspect of Christian belief and practice and can be used in any order.

Module One: “What is The Bible and How Do We Use It?”

The 5-sessions of this Module examine what the Bible consists of, and how it came to be what it is; who the different authors were; what we mean when we call it “God’s Word”, and how that affects how we live it out in practice.

Module Two: “The Bible – A Love Story”

This 5-session Module explores what the Bible tells us about our relationship with God.  It looks at the stages and growth in love between God and his people, throughout the Bible from Genesis to new creation.

Module Three: “Engaging in Worship”

This Module is about how we engage and take part in worship (it is not about how to lead worship).  It helps us to explore what worship really is and how we can understand and participate in worship more richly and fully.

Module Four: “Travellers’ Choices – Making Decisions as Christians”

This Module aims to make us more aware of how we make decisions, and how we can draw upon our Christian faith and heritage to help us make choices.  What difference does being a Christian make to how we form decisions?   How can we live rightly and well, with integrity, acting in ways that are consistent with our faith?




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