Autumn is here


Autumn is here and the cool temperatures remind us that the cycle of the seasons keeps turning. Now is the time for gathering of fruits and fire wood, and finding comfort in retrieving winter woollies from the closet.

September is also a refreshing month metaphorically as well as physically, time to reflect on the summer and start to make new plans going forward. Now is a natural pause in the calendar to take stock and assess the direction of travel, find pathways to fulfil aspirations and look at opportunities for inspiration and enlightenment.

Some pathways that are current on the timetable might appeal to those aspirations.

The Moving Forward workshop series will challenge you to shape and develop the story of the Mission Community. It is designed to energise and equip a broad leadership group to accelerate the development of the Mission Community. You will have the opportunity to gain expertise in using a leadership toolkit to develop as enterprising, missional disciples who make things happen … Read More

Mission Shaped Introduction looks at our world and acknowledges that our lives change at an ever faster pace. How does the church respond to this change? Are new ways of being church possible? What might they look like? Mission shaped Introduction help us to reconnect with the communities that we are called to serve, taking us on a creative and reflective journey to re-imagine the forms of Church that are needed for the 21st Century … Read More

The Growing Leaders course provides an opportunity for lay members of Mission Communities to explore how God could use their gifts, skills and resources to serve God as leaders in the places in which they live, work and worship. It enables individuals to explore and reflect upon Christian Leadership, its distinctive ethos, qualities and characteristics and how we can continue to grow as Godly resilient Leaders in the diverse settings where we hold positions of influence. The course is for those already in leadership positions in the workplace, community and/ or Church, and those discerning a call to a leadership position. Contact if you would like to know more about this course.

The role of a Constructive Coach and Friend is to support Mission Communities to develop a missional lens, and to ensure that as they form and grow as mission communities they develop strategies, work and ministries fit for the missional culture we are now in. Applicants are now invited to take part in the CCF roles, full training will be provided. If you would like to explore this further please contact Revd. Jane Maycock

And the God for All website has been reworked to provide a more effective resource and toolkit for everyone who is involved in creating Mission Communities across the county. It’s more easily navigated and blogs will be updated regularly. Visit

There are more opportunities on the Autumn Events Update. And if you are in the process of taking stock and looking at where aspirations have the potential to meet opportunities, and want to explore this further, then come and have a chat with one of our staff or Vocations Advisers.

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