Women’s Vocation Event at the Fratry at Carlisle Cathedral

Saturday 6th September was the Women’s Vocation Event at the Fratry at Carlisle Cathedral.

From the moment people arrived there was energy and expectancy. The 40+ women, (and 4 men ) who were there listened to a talk by Rev Dr Kate Bruce, from Cranmer Hall; it was certainly entertaining, but was also moving and challenging.

The day saw contributions from women speaking about their different ministries; from Reader ministry to spiritual direction, from volunteer chaplaincy to ordination, from Mothers Union to healing ministry. There was also a craft activity going on all day.

Just before lunch we had the first viewing of a new video entitled “How do I know I’m called to ….” it was well received, and the comment from the leader of the session was “I wanted it to be longer”, The video will be out for public viewing soon…..

The Spirit of God is moving among the women of Cumbria!


Author: Rev Canon Peter Clement

Vocations Development Officer and Diocesan Director of Ordinands

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