What is a Mission Community?

The establishment of ecumenical mission communities across Cumbria is enabling churches and Christians to encourage and support the growth of disciples. Intentional in mission and collaborative, these are providing mutually supportive networks across the county.

Find out what needs to be in place in order to create a mission community by visiting the God for All website and exploring the Archways document – which lays out in detail the three distinct phases which will lead to that point. Again there is no defined time scale against each. There’s a recognition that this process involves significant change and that needs to be worked through and considered carefully.

The Establishing Mission Communities document is a revision to the Archway document to empower and enable at local level through the identification of important stages which must be met. It represents a clearly defined pathway – from Exploration, through to Launch and then Commission – which will lead to the introduction of mission communities across the county.

In order to support the development of Mission Communities, and to enable and equip every member to engage in their ministry, CCL have a range of resources that can support learning around welcome and hospitalitypastoral careleading worshipmission and outreach.

We also provide access to learning opportunities offered by partners such as Churches Together in Cumbria’s “Growing Through Conflict” days, “Becoming a Dementia Friendly Church”, and “Imagine Church” days run by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.

More information on Mission Community activities can be found throughout this site and particularly on the Growing and Being Church page, as well as updated on our Events Calendar.

If you would like to have a chat about anything to do with Mission Communities do give us a call on 01768 807765.

Example of how a MC might work

Establishing Mission Communities