Resources for discipling in small groups

I was recently asked if I had come across any resources that could support discipling in a small group or one-to-one setting. I imagine these queries reflect the reality that individuals are increasingly at such varied places in terms of their knowledge and response to God, and God’s invitation to be in relationship with God.  I had been aware of an organisation called Cell UK, whose remit is as follows…

“We exist to promote a dream. The dream is that we could all love and follow God, we could build real community in loving one another and we could reach out to our lost world in service and care. Implicit in this dream is that Christians are the empowered partners that work with God in seeing this dream become a reality. Empowering people, equipping every church member for their front line in terms of love and service and empowering them as a disciple to follow God is the challenge that faces every church.”

Cell Uk holds on to the belief that change occurs in relationship with others. One particular resource that they offer is the 4life material. Whilst this was initially intended to be used in small groups, Deb Price has found this useful in using this in a one to one discipling relationship.  She says….

“I have used “4Life” from Cell UK in the past.  Basically there are ten readings for an individual to do on their own and then meet with a mentor.  The guide is that there are 40 readings and so 4 mentor meetings but this is highly flexible and can be used over a longer period and include more mentor meetings etc.  I did it with about 4 individuals (not at the same time!).  I found that some of our mentor sessions were spring boards for other issues and were usually fruitful.  I think the material is very good and provides a good basis for helping people to grow in their relationship with God. It primarily covers Identity, Values, Lifestyle and Purpose with some extras covering habit breaking and gifts.  Good foundational stuff!  I would use it again but would perhaps be more intentional with the number of mentor meetings rather than it being more open (which is what I tended to do). “

Small group discipling would seem to have good Biblical precedents…. if it was good enough for Jesus….! As we continue to explore what ‘whole life discipleship’ looks like, these resources would seem to have much to commend them.


Nicki Pennington

Learning Development Team Leader

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