Moving Forward

“Everybody needs to be invited to dream Godly dreams, embrace new vision and use their passions and skills like never before. Everybody is invited to take a lead… A leader is someone who has a vision, says ‘yes’ to God and then does something about that by drawing in others, encouraging people and getting things done. Leaders are not just ministers, lay workers and those with job titles or specific roles, but people of all ages and background who are prepared to leave the comfort of their sofas and pews and get something done for the kingdom.”

A Discipling Presence 2017


‘The Moving Forward’ workshop series will challenge you to shape and develop the story of the Mission Community. It is designed to energise and equip a broad leadership group to accelerate the development of the Mission Community. You will have the opportunity to gain expertise in using a leadership toolkit to develop as enterprising, missional disciples who make things happen.



Workshop 1 – Catching the Vision

• Explore your part in the God for All vision

• Work on the shared vision of your Mission Community

• Be clear about next steps and how to prioritise

• Be resourced to enable transformation

Workshop 2 – Exploring Leadership

• More about yourself as a leader

• How to use a valuable set of tools for encouraging others

• How you can develop as agents of change

• The principles of everyday leadership

Workshop 3 – Growing Together

• Shared insight into how change happens

• Establish best practices for working together as a team

• Discover your role in enabling mission

• How you build leadership capabilities in your community

Workshop 4 – Taking Stock – What next?

• Insights into what you have learned and how far you have come

• Explore how this informs moving forwards and your next steps

• Celebrate your shared growth

• Establish priorities for future support


To ensure your Mission Community plays its part in the God for All vision contact us to arrange a suitable time and venue. We can discuss a flexible pattern that works for you.

For more information please contact:

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More information can be found on the Gold 4 All website following this link