Welcome to the Cumbria Christian Learning Blog!

Welcome to the Cumbria Christian Learning Blog! This, with our website, is an exciting new development in the way we make resources, courses and learning opportunities available to Christian disciples across Cumbria.

The website is our main point of contact with the wider Christian community in Cumbria. It gives an overview of who we are and what we offer, with information about how you can get involved. The website will also host a growing number of resources to support you and your church in deepening your knowledge and love of God, and in sharing more effectively in his mission in our county.

This blog is about something different, something which lies at the heart of our approach to Christian learning. At CCL we believe that Christians learn best when they learn together in community. That’s certainly true of my own Christian journey – when I look back, I can think of important books I’ve read or events I’ve attended, but the most important learning I have done about what it means to follow Jesus has come through sharing my experiences of God with other Christians and hearing about theirs. Watching God work through other people and hearing their observations about how God works through me has shaped me deeply and profoundly, sometimes in challenging and unexpected ways.

God calls all of us, with our different gifts, experience and abilities, to serve him together. We learn best when we learn together, recognising the different contributions and insights that each brings to the whole. This is part of our journey together as God’s church in Cumbria – ministers and members of different kinds of church growing together in discipleship and service, recognising the richness which God gifts to his church through each of our contributions.

This blog will be a place where we make announcements about new developments, share news, and flag upcoming opportunities for learning. But more importantly than that, we want this blog to be a place where we share together our experiences and learning of God. Members of the CCL staff will post their reflections and what they have been learning, and we will share stories and experiences from around the county, as well as reviews of resources we have found helpful.

Here at CCL we don’t think we have all the answers, because we are disciples too. The churches in Cumbria are embarking on an exciting and challenging new venture in being the people of God together, wherever we are within our county. Our hope is that CCL will become a genuine community of learners of all ages, abilities, experience, and stages of life and faith, and that through sharing together we will learn more of God and his purpose for our lives.

I and the CCL team are looking forward to sharing that journey with you.


Author: Rev Dr Roger Latham

Director, Cumbria Christian Learning

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