The Very Revd Dr Frances Ward

The Very Revd Dr Frances Ward is a freelance theologian and writer. Her forthcoming book entitled Full of Character: A Christian Approach to Education for the Digital Age is about what sort of education is needed in a world of increasing automation, that will enable young people to flourish in their humanity, drawing on Christian theology.

She was the Dean of St Edmundsbury and was a member of the Church of England’s General Synod.  She served as a Trustee of the National Society.

From 2006 – 2010 she was a Residentiary Canon at Bradford Cathedral, engaged in building close friendships with Muslims, and developing greater understanding between people of different faiths.

Frances was one of the first women to be ordained priest in the Church of England in 1994, when she served in the Diocese of Manchester. After her curacy in Westhoughton, Lancashire she was a theological educator at Luther King House, and then the vicar of St Peter, Bury.

Her publications include Fear and Friendship co-edited with Sarah Coakley,

Lifelong Learning, (SCM, 2005), Theological Reflection (SCM 2005, 2007) Why Rousseau was Wrong: Christianity and the Secular Soul, Praying for England (Bloomsbury, 2008) and For God’s Sake (Canterbury Press, 2017).

Frances starts a PhD at Durham University on Edmund Burke and his debt to Richard Hooker and St Paul, with a view to developing an Anglican response to current populism.

Frances is married and has four grown up children.

She blogs at