Resources for Mission

CCL holds a wealth of resources available for students and the wider community, from children’s films right through to deeper theological enquiry papers.

At our Penrith office we hold a library of hard copy books and course materials that are available for loan. Please contact us if you would like to access this collection – a list of titles is available to download below.


Advent Course

Course materials for those wishing to run Advent Course in their area or group.

Follow this link to the Registration Page.

Enquirers and Seekers

A resource list for the Learning and Growing as Disciples section

Establishing Mission Communities

Archways document, revised version

Hard copy book list

A list of materials available for loan from CCL Church House, Penrith

Local Lay Ministry information leaflet

For LLMs

Reader Ministry information leaflet

For Readers

Rydal Hall Library Catalogue (download as .xl file) 


Your SHAPE for God’s service – course content (large file as .zip)

This page will be updated as a developing resource to refresh your knowledge and inspiration.

If you have an idea to add to this list please do share it with us: admin@cumbriachristianlearning.org.uk

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