Wisdom, Human Flourishing and Resilience

Last week I was at the national Diocesan Directors of Ordinands consultation, which had the title “Wisdom, Human Flourishing and Resilience”. It was one of those occasions when I came back really inspired. Why?

David Ford fired us up with the theology of John’s gospel. If we want others to be interested in our faith we need to demonstrate that passion in our lives too. It was like being drenched under a waterfall on a hot day. Vocations will come if people see people alive with the gospel.

The glory of God is a human being fully alive. Is that what we live out?

Looking at a subject using many different biblical passages is so important. He called it inter-textual criticism.

David admonished us for not having read the publication “C of E Vision for Education – Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good” so I’m off to read it now.

So let’s expand our vision, engage our curiosity and be bold in our living!

Author: Revd Canon Peter Clement

Vocations Development Officer and Diocesan Director of Ordinands

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